Spectre moves in


On a hot tip, Star News was asked to talk to the SPECTRE group rising out of Mos Eisely, find out a bit more who they are and what they represent. We met up with Colonel X-2580 at an undisclosed location for a few questions.

Star News: “What does S.P.E.C.T.R.E. stand for?”

Colonel X-2580: “S.P.E.C.T.R.E stands for Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. We are an elite group of genetically engineered clones. We are peace keepers by mission. We stand united combating injustice where ever it may lurk bringing law, order and protection against those who would seek to exploit and misguide others for personal gain… A Spectre is Loyal, Respectable, Courageous, Honorable and most importantly duty bound. We do not presume to bully or control just to assist and aid where and when we can”

Colonel X-2580: “We are not members of the republic or the Imperial Empire, neither are we associated with another government. However you will see us among them doing our part. We we are trained in many areas and fields ranging from diplomacy, piloting and combat. We have many different roles and positions. We have been relief Aid, Security Escorts, Assault Squad and many more. In all honesty there is no telling what role we may take up or be next”

Star News: “Mercenaries then?”

Colonel X-2580: “Some would view us as such but our duty is to the people and citizens we stand for their rights to ensure they are looked out for. We are peace keepers however if people want to refer to us as mercs then let them our values and beliefs will not be shaken governments come and go but their people are here to stay and endure
Star News: “I have heard similar mission statements from different factions.. yours sounds a bit like GARs to me.. how is your working relationship with them?”

Colonel X-2580: “X Series Clones share a genetic template from a doner however because of the genetic alteration to that DNA there are mutations and annormalies which have given us unique characteristics and personality. So we are not how do you say Identical Clones but by definition they’re  X series are Brothers and Sisters…The Grand Army of the Republic methods are not our own I am not sure of their motives or aims but it is clear they do not share the Spectres mandate. You may have heard from other factions a similar goal however we are not just saying it we are living it we have already given aid to several worlds, stopped assassinations and brutal attacks on people. we do not need to parade in the streets and make a nuisance of ourselves doing the right thing is its own reward.”

Star News: “Recently you said some big open stuff at Cartel Night.. without saying anything that is going to get me killed… care to comment?”

Colonel X-2580: “The Hutts have been an influence across the galaxy and although their methods are not always agreeable they are respectable business partners. The happier the Hutts the less they take from those living in their cities. There have been those who wish to bad mouth and spread their lies and rumors to discredit us and I wont lie we are not perfect but our actions speak for themselves we are friends to the people and to those who spread these rumors well its clear to me they need a better job. My Men and I are spreading out and gaining ground and reviving trading and much more with each day our ranks increase and more and more people need help. We are doing our part now its time for others to do theirs. ” just want the readers to know that we are here and fighting for them, if you see a spectre in the area do not be afraid to talk to us we are looking for friends and allies and together lets welcome in a new era of co-operation, peace and prosperity.”


Maria69’s message


Star News spent the night in warm and sunny downtown Mos Esiely after Hutt Night, and the next day on the street happened across a young lady who was quiet anxious to speak with us. The interview went something like this:

maria69 Cybertar: “My name is Maria I’m a bounty hunter. Well my story about the capture of the jawa is not very long but can clarify many misunderstandings. as always I check my mail and received one application called Capture jawa Stubz and they offered a great reward. I started my search by city and then into the desert for several days, but without success. Three days later I was lucky enough to speak with Major Tompunka and said bring me a Jawa. But only found a ship destroyed and a Jawa or what looked like a dead jawa.” So maria69 then took the remains and placed them in a big sack and took them to Tompunka to see.. but it was the wrong Jawa, and by the time this was discovered it was too late.. the correct Jawa, Stubz was already in custody, caught by an unknown sith.

maria69 Cybertar: “It was all a misunderstanding, I did first take the dead Jawa but it was not the one he wanted, and later helping to capture the sith even and then the story was a complicated one”

What this is all in reference to appears to be the wanted ads floating around the holonet about Bareesh affiliate Stubz the jawa. The wanted ads offer a large reward from Tompunka in particular.

Hutt Cartel changes and other business


Another busy night in Mos Eisley saw the vacationing Hutt Cartel return from vacation and get right back into the swing of what Hutts do best, business. And tonight was no different despite the lack of Odominic presence. The Hutts this night were Anda Anjiliac, Jengaz Besadii, Rolga Bareesh.. Tompunka arrived late but fashionable with a jawa in tow that looked like Stubz, and a new Hutt who would later join them on the thrones. The night was majordomo’ed by Minx Bade and Emily. Minx Bade started the nights activities.

Minx Bade: “Guest of the Hutts, I bid you welcome, those having business with the Cartel please see the lovely miss Emily and she will pass that on to me, when I call you step to the center and you will be heard”

Sukka the Hutt: “Fellow Hutts, I am Lord Sukka I am the owner of this cantina and others. I have come to you this night to speak on seeking a position on the Council.  I represent the Kajidic Desjilunka.

Jengaz Besadii almost immediatly called him to join them onstage: “Great, please, sit with us, it is great to meet you”

Then Anda Anjiliac spoke up: “the Cartel recognizes and is honored to be joined by the Great Lord Sukka Desiljunka who has applied for membership to the cartel, we would ask that he join us for the proceedings this evening.” and the new hutt lumbered up on stage and took a throne towards the back.

Stepping back to the center Minx Bade called up the first speaker: “The mighty Hutt Cartel calls Cassandra Nymphea”

Cassandra Nymphea approached and when she was ready addressed the Hutts in their own language: “Praised and mighty Lords. The 13th Legion bids you their thanks, and sends me as their latest representative for introduction. You all are aware of the Legions business, and we have been in good standing ever since. To refresh this relationship, the 13th Legion offers a gift, to the assembled might that is your Assembly.” She then clapped her hands and a small chest was carried over to her, when she opened it a green crystal floated up enough where it could easily be seen by the Hutts and the audience, pauses a moment before continueing… “This crystal is one from a moon that is almost forgotten. The third moon of Eralam, destroyed by a might so large, that even it could not prevail. So that our offer and relationship is not forgotten, this crystal is the gift to the Cartel, to be done with as your wise minds see fit.”

Rolga Bareesh spoke up: “The 13th Legion honors us with allegiance and gifts, truly a move of friendship, and one to be remembered.”
Jengaz Besadii: “We thank the 13th Legion, we appreciate this gesture, and we will keep this crystal with us to remember this moment.”
Anda Anjiliac: “Your observance of protocol and manners is noted… with what business do you come to speak to the Cartel?

The crystal was then gathered up by Minx Bade and delivered to Anda who motioned for Emily to secure it. While this was going on Cassandra Nymphea answered Anda’s question: “A simple reminder, and my first task as relations officer of the 13th Legion, your Lordship. If you have need to contact the Legion in the future, with a job proposal or business related, feel free to contact me to have the terms negotiated.” again speaking what appears to be fluent Huttese. After she was excused Minx called up the next speaker.

Minx Bade: “The Cartel now calls on Colonel X-2580, please step forward”
A man in full black body armor stepped up to speak.
X-2580: “I am Colonel X-2580. I come before the Hutt Cartel to speak on behalf of my men. I have several things i would like to raise and inform you and i know your time is short and precious so i will keep it to the point. One. The Spectres over the last two weeks have proceeded to raid enemies of the Hutts and the locals who are notorious thieves and scoundrels who have ripped off shipments and many treasures from each of the cartel families and residents of Tatooine. We have safely stored these items in a secure location and will need to arrange a proper method to return the items to their correct families” then continued: “Two. I have been making an official request now for several weeks asking that official documentation can be providing that shows we are currently working on behalf of the Cartel. We have been getting some attitude issues from liaisons and employees of the Hutts and this does not assist nor profit the Cartel just causes a delay in co-operation. Also on another note some communication in regards to whom the Hutts allow permission to carry out security along side us would be appreciated so we do not have any misunderstandings”

Anda Anjliac spoke first: “Colonel, your concerns are noted, you should be aware that the cartel, and myself, have been quite busy with several major issues within hutt space and the mid rim, the neglect of your unit was not intended, we would like to know which employees of the cartels have spoken to you in a manner not befitting your position. Furthermore, your supply shipments will be addressed as soon as our facilities on Tatooine are completed and should speed up your supply.”
Rolga Bareesh: Colonel, to your ammunition stores, I have supplied you in the past and will continue to per our agreement, though your needs may out do our resources at times we will do what we can.”
X-2580: “Indeed you continue to uphold your end of the contract and we appreciate this honor is hard found in these times” he then turned and looked towards Lady Anda  “Lady Anda it is not so much that we have not recieved attention it is the fact we need to be able to do our jobs and need to be able to do our jobs without other Hutt Cartel employees being suspicious or questioning our every move as you can respect this takes time away from the goals at hand and time is a precious commodity that should not be wasted”  He said in response. Then he turned to address the whole cartel.
X-2580: “I would like to take a moment to address the cartel and all those present. There have been a great many rumors and false truths which has caused some damage to our reputation. It is my hopes that we can lay these to rest so that me and my men can continue to perform to the best of our abilities without these lies around. I would like to state for the record that we are Spectres not troopers. We are not innocent and are far from perfect but we stand by our actions good and the bad. We are honorable, Loyal, Duty bound and most of all honest. We do not try to be something we are not we simply are no more no less. We believe in our cause and everything that makes us a spectre. We do not expect you to take our word for this, we would rather allow our work over these many weeks speak for them self.

Anda Anjiliac spoke up while the rest of the Cartel sat quietly: “Which rumors are these colonel? I was not aware that anyone was spreading falsehoods about the SPECTRE, should you not wish to repeat such scurilous lies in public, you may address us with them later.”
And the Spectre agent said a few more things and left the stage. Minx Bade then made an announcement:

Minx Bade: “At this time I would like to announce on behalf of the Bareesh clan, that Bareesh and associates of Bareeesh, including the Anjiliac clan will be residing in the Palace just beyond the dunes, if you should need to address them at a later date, please make sure you come announced as accidents can happen, so if there is no further business from the guest I leave the floor to the Cartel for announcements” This announcement went over really big with the Hutts cheering and Jengaz promising to come visit one day even.
But the big announcements didn’t end there, as Rolga chimed in:

Rolga Bareesh: “Distinguished guest of the Cartel, it is with great honor to introduce a new senior member, Lady Anda.”

Anda Anjiliac: “Thank you most honored lord Rolga, as some of you may know I have been a liason to the mighty cartel until recently, whereupon they saw fit to elevate me to the position of senior member. I have accepted this position and duty and look forward to my future in the cartel. Now, I would like to take a moment to address an issue that may be on some minds around the galaxy, that of Ord Mantell and the hutts investments and facilities on planet, the Cartel in is wisdom has decided to spread our influence to other areas, as many of you know we have had a great deal of business on Ord Mantell recently and it has served as a launch in to a position of power further afield. Lady Isulla the Wise was incapable of joining us this evening due to her presence beign needed on Ord Mantell, I simply wished to let those assembled know that the cartel is still present, and in deed our holdings are now wider than ever before despite our move from Ord Mantell. The Cartel wishes to extend a public thanks to Lady Isulla for our time spent on Ord Mantell and her efforts at furthering hutt dominance and the protection of Hutt space. I wanted to publicly recognize that I have aquired a new majordomo, Emily, any business to be done with Clan Anjiliac or myself, should be addressed either to me, or to my majordomo as she is now an extension of my influence.”

Minx Bade “Lord Tompunka has an announcement to make”
Tompunka Bareesh: “I wish to announce, with much statisfaction, that the renegade, runaway jawa that served as my majordomo, and also on behalf of the Cartels here, has been brought to me in chains…. and also…. After a severe interrogation, the jawa has implicated an attempt to deceive Bareesh clan, and myself specifcially. It appears that three humanoids were involved in faking his death. An unknown jawa was produced dead, burned, and Stubz’ own assigned Bareesh flitter craft was likewise set to fire, to appear as though he was killed in a foiled attempt to capture him. Two of the deceivers have been identified… women… the blue twi’lek yonder in the middle of the chamber, the bountyhunter maria69 cybertar, and an unnamed male Mos Eisley regular, who Stubz smelled the scent of tonight, outside, when bringing him to this meeting. Be assured, I am determining just what, if anything, to do with this information…”

The blue Twi that Tompunka was gesturing about being in the room turned out to be the nights first speaker.. Cassandra Nymphea. She was called up once more before the Cartel. Minx Bade addressed her of her crimes: “You have been accused of aiding a known enemy of the Bareesh, and Cartel, what do you have to say?”
Cassandra Nymphea: “First, I will make clear that this happened before my services in the Legion, so I want to be judged upon me as a person, with the Legion not to be taken into this. Second, the Lord Tompunkas claims are true. I did attempt to fake the Jawas death, so he would not be hunted anymore. I do not deny this. This was done after seeing that the Jawa obviously would come to harm if said hunts would go on. My intention was to have things settle down, and give him a chance to return on his own. Thus, saving the mighty Lord Tompunka a lot of his well earned money.”
Rolga Bareesh: “I would ask that Bareesh be allowed to handle this matter, though it may appear Cartel related I see no reason to drag the other clans into this, with your permission we will take this Twi in to our custody and deal with her trial at our palace.”
The blue Twi was then asked to hand over her weapons and took her into custody.. at this point Hutt Night was called over so Bareesh and the other Cartel members could finish business without the press.

Shadow Sith clash with GRAE


Once more the Jedi Academy at Yavin becomes a war zone, this time as a new group of Sith, the Shadow Sith attack and destroyed the GRAE flagship located over Yavin IV. Star News caught up with Jessant Cassius to find out about the new skirmish.

Jessant Cassius: “If you weren’t aware  My head Command Arbitras was recently kidnapped and tortured by sith enemies a few days back and our flag ship was destroyed causing large amounts of ship parts to fall from the sky. We’ve been dealing heavily with both Arbitras’ capture and the loss of our ship.”
KinsaShalaKinsaShala: “Do you know who did all this?”
Jessant Cassius: “A Sith organization called the Shadow Sith clan. Their leader was a Former head security of NSE and the emperor’s body guard and now is leading his own group. This new group leader has made it known he is now both our enemy and the KOJ’s and will do anything to cause chaos and some type of destruction to Yavin and us. Arbitras was kidnapped and taken to Lehon Rakata prime. It has come to our understanding that’s where the Shadow Sith Clan is based currently. We will soon find the leader of the Sith order and possibly make an arrest , but for now My investigations keep me occupied here.”

Corvus responds to Clandestine


Star News received this heavily encrypted message. What we are showing you is a fuzzy screen capture that the com system was able to catch and the complete message. Enjoy.

“Greetings. I am not blind to the goings on in this galaxy, and I have seen my former apprentice’s challenge in your news networks. Honor, and tradition therefore demand that I reply through a public venue, and I accept Clandestine’s challenge to Kaggath. Today marks the beginning of the end of everything that child holds dear, her people, her allies, her resources, her entire power base, will be obliterated, and when I have finished, she will die.

The Force holds no mercy for the weak, or the ignorant, and I hold no tolerance for the treacherous. Thus far I have allowed Clandestine the freedom in her actions to do as she pleased, but she should now know that the entire weight of the Dark Side will bear down upon her, for she challenges not only me, but the very will of the Force, and the power of the ancient Lords of the Sith which guides my hands. This day, Clandestine has entered the final days of her life. There will be no mercy, there will be bloodshed on a galactic scale, and any who stand in my way will be destroyed along with her.

Consider this your ‘exclusive’ with Darth Corvus, run my acceptance, and let the galaxy know that the true Lords of the Sith are not to be trifled with.”

Tython on the Mend


For Months now Star News has been following the plauge that had stricken Tython, at one time leaving almost the entire planet under quarentine. But now the air has seemed to started to clear and once more Tython begins to rebuild.. this time maybe then just it’s buildings though. Star News met NJO Jedi Master Marsh Solo on a much better smelling Tython for this short interview.

Star News: “Last time I was here I talk to lady Acker. she told us about the plague and thought that the plague was the work of Sith. Were you able to find a cure and who started the plague?”

Master Marsh Solo: “Your speaking of Master Psy. We did find some sort of plague here yes but from what I can tell and I do not like pointing fingers at any one, if it was created by the Sith or Sith Alchemy I have no proof. As for a cure yes we did find one but it will take some time to get the masters together get the cure started.”

Star News: “So once you have the cure started and the plague is gone. What is the future plan for Tython?”

Master Marsh Solo:  “We as Jedi will go about our business help those in need, and train our padawans to knight hood like we always have in the past in the NJO. The relationship between other enclaves is good. As for Gar, Gar no longer has a base here but we are willing to welcome them back to Tython once everything is set and ready to go if they will join us once again, but that’s up to the GAR high command not us. The Tython government is still around, but we have asked few people that were running the Tython government to please step down from their position due to records being found indicating some of the voting was fixed. We are working with Tython’s people to rebuild their government. Of course the Tython people would like to have someone from the outside to tally up the votes so no one from he Tython  government or from the NJO can mess it up.”

Imperial Reich tell it like it is


Star News arrived on Nar Shaddaa.. home of the Imperial Reich to get a few more ideas about this newsworthy group, and find out what they thought of the larger galaxy in general.

Lord Pensivus smiled: “I am Lord Pensivus, I am the Viscount of the Reich, I am the high advisor to the primarch,

Connor Titan.  I gave a speech at the fundraiser we hosted the other night, it explains all about our cause and our goals… The Reich is an organization dedicated to purifying the Sith and their name. We are the very essence of the Sith. We shine the real glory, and the real traditions of the Sith we who are not blinded by the weakness of many of the New Sith that have been seen. We the Imperial Reich seek out purification within the Sith and after we helped the Inquisition fall we have made one step closer to our goal.”

Star News: ” How does the imperial Reich feel about The Dark Lords of the Sith on Byss?”

Lord Pensivus: he would look up and smile, “The Reich and myself personally are looking forward to opening negotiations with them”

Star News: ” How does the Reich feel about GAR? Star News was there when there was reports of a fight between Reich and GAR on Dantooine.” What happen what led up to the fight?”

Lord Pensivus: “We do not agree with their foolish ideals, and I will not entertain such scoundrels, I have no comment on what led up to the battle. Our plans are strictly on a need to know basis, I will say that once they come to light, they will be know all across the galaxy”

Star News: ” Is there any last words that you would like to leave with Star News readers?”

Lord Pensivus: “From the ashes we rise”