(( OOCfest 2014 Minx Bade ))


Minx Bade: “ok, lets start with name: Minx Bade, member of the Legions of Lettow. I like the depth of the Star Wars stories. There’s almost no limit except imagination. I was always a fan of the movie, though after coming to SL I found a huge following and I drew me in. I wanted to know more, and I really liked the look and sound of lightsabers.”

Star News: “What don’t  you like about swrp and how would you fix it?”

Minx Bade: “To be honest it’s gotten dull over the years. When I first started in 2007 I use to fight all the time (meter), but now it’s rare to see anyone fight. There’s a plaque of me winning the LME saber tournaments in 2007 in the LME hotel… The excitement is kinda gone. Also …. more meter combat, action based events. I think adding the element of action would enhance the Rp side as well…could you imagine if instead of saying you’re at war you actually had to amass an army and try to win? The outcome would determine the direction of the RP. I think that would be fair as well. Too often you have those that speak of being god like but only by their proclamation. What if they had to back up what they say? But that’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.”

Minx Bade: “as far as how I would fix it… recently I released ILM-CS (prepare for the plug) which, I feel, bring back the element of surprise and the excitement of the game. It’s not just a meter though. It’s a character builder. Force users get the force powers they were suppose to get, and soldiers get what they are suppose to get, there are some classes that bland both though they come with a compromise. for example a force user can obtain all force powers but can’t throw a thermal detonator, a soldier can use all the weapons including a sniper round that is active at 70+meters …some classes that blend* a fore rogue can do some force powers but can also use blasters and throw thermal detonators, they don’t have sniper rounds and can’t use force lightning …there is a medic class that has the ability to revive player that have fallen, but they are soldier types without as many weapons, a civilian class that is limited to a blaster… all classes have a built in fist fighter. Right now ILM is open powers to all and it gives a 1000 skill point advance for this month if people get a copy and choose a character (register in the database) and it is completely free.”

When asked about Nar Minx had this to say:

Minx Bade: “I want Nar to be what it was before, a safe haven for those looking for a neutral sim, there is no high council or governess controlling Nar, I’m not about to appoint myself supreme leader, just another pirate out to make my way in the universe. The build will be very walkable (easy to navigate). and very simple to understand where things are. There will be a depth to the field of view as well. certain levels of Nar will be open space for actual battles between rival ships.”

Minx Bade: “In short I want Nar to be fun.”



(( OOCfest 2014 Iria Tuqiri ))


The very first article Star News printed was an interview with Iria Tuqiri. So it seemed fitting we started the ‘Behind the Monitor SWRP’ series with a few words from her.

 Iria Tuqiri: “Well, I play Iria Tuqiri. Currently she’s the Grand Master of the Kalway Order of the Jedi. But this is not a rank she granted herself. She started out as a hopeful and a force adept, just like everyone in SWRP who play a jedi. She came up through the ranks in NOJ to become a knight. Later a few months after helping found KOJ, she was raised to Master, and even later Council master, and then years later was raised to Grand Master when the former Grand master, Luvbutton Moonsoo stepped down.”

Star News: “How long have you been in SWRP then?”

Iria Tuqiri: “Since a day or two of coming to SL for the first time, so…. wow… 6 years, and 6 months, 2388 days according to my profile. And those are Kal Ripkin days…. I’ve been here every single one of them. Haven’t missed one yet. …As to what inspired me…. I didn’t really have much inspiration when I started. In fact, I didn’t even know people did this sort of thing, meaning roleplaying. Luv found me changing clothes under the steps on Help Island where I hadn’t even hardly ventured from in my first days in SL. She offered to be my mentor. She was so intimidating at the time, I just said “sure.” She said to contact her the next day if I wanted to and she handing me several folders of really awful freebie star wars clothing, asked if I liked star wars, and then left. The next day, I IM’d her as instructed… first thing she said was “who are you? and How do you know me?” I reminded her of our conversation. She brought me to Yavin IV, which was then a quarter sim on Hope Island. I remember I was wearing a black cocktail dress. I was so out of place. But within minutes I was being introduced to the then elders of SWRP. Then I just decided to go with it, and changed into some of those awful clothes, and they began asking me IC questions like where was Iria from, and stuff like that. I didn’t know much about star wars other than the movies, so I answered first thing that came to me, which was Tatooine. Later on, when I began to create my background in much more detail, instead of discarding what I had already said, I worked it all into my story. And that story arc has been going on ever since.”

Star News: “Anyone in SWRP for a couple years sees it tends to follow a pattern of highs and lows. Can you comment on this?”

Iria Tuqiri: “That’s always been the case, I think. My phrase for it is “everything in cycles” or maybe you could say “history repeats itself.” Attendance comes and goes. You’ll have friends in swrp, then they’ll leave for a while, and if you wait long enough, most likely they will be back. You can’t take the lulls too seriously and let them get you down, because things will come back again, always do. This was the hardest and most frightening lesson to learn as a group leader and sim owner. It’s your worst nightmare when you follow Kevin Costner’s advice “If you build it, they will come” and then they stop coming. Or people don’t like what you’re doing and leave your group taking a whole section with them. It can be very depressing and demoralizing. But you just have to hang in there and push onward. If you can persevere, your efforts will be rewarded. I’ve heard a lot of people refer to Yavin IV as being a rock in the community, as being always there. But we’re rebuilt our group so many times I’ve lost count. You just have to stick it out during the slow times and keep doing what you know is right, and slowly but surely you rebuild and grow again. “

Star News: “How do you think we could make SWRP better?”

 Iria Tuqiri: Well one of swrp’s biggest problems has always been the level of negativity some show to the community. For some reason, there’s a sense of entitlement that comes from certain types of people. If you don’t do things just how they think they should be done, then you’re doing it wrong, and they have no problem spreading stories around about your “quality.” Some of the nastier types have even actively sought the closure of other people’s sims, while at the same time telling people that sims are an investment. Just to give you an idea of how much of an investment these things are. I’ve been paying for our two sims for about 5 and a half years. In tier alone, that amounts to approximately $26,000 USD out of my own pocket, just to have the land. It doesn’t include all the supporting stuff you have to buy, build, or create to support the sim and group. So yes, the sims are an investment, but not like Nascar comemorative plates. They’re an investment in a hobby, in having fun in a world where the only limitation is your imagination. SWRP could be a lot better if people could just learn to live and let live. If you don’t like a place, don’t go there, there’s lots to do elsewhere. But don’t actively seek to tear others down because of it. We should be more willing to help support each other instead of tearing each other down. Just doing that alone would make everywhere more noob friendly and get more people into SWRP allowing the community to grow and flourish. All the negativity just drives people away. Nobody likes drama, so let’s do away with it. Everybody wins.”

Iria Tuqiri: “Just one other observation… when I started, SWRP was nearly 100% metered combat. Over the last several years, this has flipped almost completely to proably around 90% of the time people FFC. As one who grew up with meters, I miss that. FFC is fine and great, but the immediacy and immersion of meter combat is a lot of fun too. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of it, if everyone could agree on a meter.”

Star News: “So then on the other side of that… what about the positive side of SWRP?”

Iria Tuqiri: “The joy I get from it, is seeing people enjoy what I’ve helped make. I love building, and it’s nice when people compliment the sims and builds, but it’s even more gratifying to see them enjoying and using them. The same goes for the group. I like to think of KOJ as an extended family. I’ve made a lot of friends in SWRP over the years. Some are gone, some are still around, and always new ones emerge. Playing a jedi and providing training, and then watching someone come in as a hopeful, watch their character grow and develop, watch as they in turn train their own padawans and knowing you had a hand in all that. You’ve touched poeople’s lives and characters. As a group and community leader, people are always asking advice on many different things. Some about their characters, some about RL matters. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had tried to help mend relationships, talked people out of suicide, or bugged someone enough until they agreed to go to a doctor for some physical ailment or something. So, in that way, it really is like being the head of a family. And while it can be trying at times, the payoff is worth so much more. You connect with people, affect them, both ICly and OOCly. And so, unlike what some claim, it’s not just a game.”



(( OOCfest 2014 begins ))


(( This week Star News flips the monitor on SWRP for a series of OOC interviews by some of the people who make SWRP what it is today. Star News has teamed up with the Second Life Sci-Fi convention 2014 and in trying to do something new and fresh to help with proceeds for Relay for Life has opened a studio / booth at the con where the interviews take place. Everyone is welcome to stop by and check out the booth or listen in on a live and raw interview before it gets posted. It was suggested by a reader we call it OOCfest 2014. so ladies, gentlemen and others.. welcome to OOCFest 2014! ))

Taris Block Party


The planet of Taris celebrates this Sunday with their annual block party. If you have never been to one, then you are missing out. Meet new people, hang out with old friends, lots to do and see. (( Taris Block Party June 1st 8pm slt ))

The Cartel does business with unknown


The Hotel was a little less packed then usual for this weeks Cartel Night, perhaps it is the rumors of war and violence that kept a larger crowd away.. but whatever the cause, Cartel Night was still in full bloom with the braver souls venturing out to do business with the Hutts. This night on the thrones were Jengaz Besadii as well as Bareesh siblings Rolga and Tompunka. Minx Bade provided translations. The first person called up was an unknown merchant.

Minx Bade: “please state your name and business for the Cartel”

Unknown Merchant: “I am a merchant, of fine wares, I believe I may have items of interest to the cartel Items which have been obtained at some difficulty. no doubt, which would be of great interest in the cartel, should it wish to engage in my services. I have managed to obtain a sample of the Talosian governors personal intoxicant supply, it is no mystery to such well informed individuals as yourselves that the governor has a fondness for unusual intoxicants… what is less well known perhaps is that he dared to transport his main supply through unlicensed carriers and encountered a bit of difficulties, shall we say… as it happens, some of his personal stash has come into my possession.. some unusually piquant Vasarian brandy, and some delightful stims with unusual properties. Perhaps it would be useful as leverage with some of your more indulgent clients, as it were… I only ask a finder’s fee and license to operate in your sector.”

Minx Bade: “the mighty Rolga would know your price”

Unknown Merchant: “10,000 credits, and the sector operation license are my price.. for the full stash, naturally.”

Minx Bade: “the mighty Rolga wishes to know if you are seeking free travel through Hutt space?”

Unknown Merchant: “travel and license to engage in business without unpleasantness, shall we say. class 2 license would be acceptable.”

Minx Bade: “Lord Tompunka wishes to know the quantity you possess, and would you ship be available for routine inspections?”

Unknown Merchant: “Three standard bays of standard alpha crates, with the brandy and two bays with alpha crates of stims. I would prefer to avoid inspections.. perhaps i can sweeten the deal a bit in order to arrange the necessary permissions. I have one more item i can add to the bid”

Minx Bade: “forgive me, I miss interpreted, Lord Tompunka ask for inspection and verification of its authenticity and safety for consumption?”

Unknown Merchant: “You can be sure of the authenticity of the product. i will make it available for inspection naturally. i only request that my license allow me to operate freely without inspection if my terms are not quite acceptable, i do have one more tidbit i can offer that might seal the deal, shall we say an extremely rare item.”

Unknown Merchant: “I hold in this case here, a small item, of unique properties I have weighed carefully whether i should part with it, as it is of priceless value to the right customer
but quite dangerous to be in possession of. Are you intrigued, o Exalted ones?”

Minx Bade: “lord Rolga wishes to see what you have”

Unknown Merchant: “for trade purposes naturally. I am sure the activity of my organization will be of benefit to the cartel, as free trade allows us to bring in more unusual items. Look closely, and you shall know the value of what i carry.” She then slid the sides off the briefcase to reviel a glowing red crystal ” it is a Byssian Sith Crystal. ” she said once the crystal was in full view.

Motioning for the merchant to come closer so he could get a better look… Tompunka Bareesh asks:  “Is this a black core red crystal, Trader?”

Unknown Merchant: “as you no doubt see clearly with your trained eyes, it is a black core crystal o Exalted one.”

Tompunka Bareesh then addresed the rest of the Cartel: Council, I would accept this trader’s offer, pending inspection of her full cargo, and that she be required a brief, cursory inspection upon arrival in, and departure from, Cartel’s Space.”

Unknown Merchant: “So it would seem we have an understanding then, the brandy, the stims, 10,000 credits, a class two liscense… and of course the byssian crystal.”

Minx Bade: “both Rolga and Tompunka agree with your terms, but would require an inspection of your full cargo, also you submit to inspections entering and departing from Cartel controlled space. Jengaz also agrees with this, what do you say , trader?”

Unknown Merchant: “8000 credits, and you may examine my cargo now as you wish, but no inspections upon entry or exit. A lady must have her privacy.”

Tompunka Bareesh: “Merchant, great threats of war loom from the G.A.R. Tyranny and their attempts to find allies and press people like yourself into tight policing. I would encourage you to give us some means of seeing your coming and going.”

Rolga Bareesh: “I would agree, threats on the Cartel members are too credible and warrant our continued due diligence.”

Minx Bade: “trader, the offer is rejected at 8000 credits and suspending the inspection of your ship, though I must express that it is not out of malice, the Cartel have come under threat from organizations, such as GAR, but the previous arrangement at 10,000 plus inspections I believe is still on the table”

Unknown Merchant: “I cannot agree to regular inspections, I will agree however to operate a craft no larger than a class 2 shuttle. Surely the mighty Cartel will not consider such a threat…?”

Tompunka Bareesh: “A simple courtesy check at entry and departure of Cartel Space should be reasonable.”

Unknown Merchant: “You can rest assured i do not traffic with such as the GAR, they are no organization for a merchant such as myself to deal with… perhaps a personnel check would be acceptable, a cargo inspection on a regular basis is not what i had in mind however. You may scan my life signs if you are concerned i am bringing in individuals of concern.”

Minx Bade: “the Cartel accepts this as well”

Unknown Merchant: “Agreed then, my protocol droid will welcome the Cartel inspection team at your leisure.. in the meantime..” and she tossed the Byssian crystal.. literally.. to Tompunka Bareesh. “I trust we will be engaged in lucrative business in the future.”


Tompunka Bareesh: “I wish to announce that I have set endeavors to new developments of a small planetoid, with some great mineral potential, and a fine place of new manufacturing operations as well. Bareesh prospers.”

And with the final announcement Cartel Night came to a close.

Byss weekly meeting coverage


Once more Star News ventured to Byss to listen in on their weekly meeting and see if perhaps there was some news we could print. the Dark Lord Destius, the Emperor of Byss took the throne with Darth Infestus at his side.

After the Emperor addressed the crowd and bid the kneeing ones showing observence rise, Darth Infestus made a brief announcement: “Most of you have noticed already, but for those who recently returned from off-world travels, it’s my pleasure to inform you all in person that my workers have completed the reconstruction of our medical laboratory. You’ll find that we’ve installed useful, new equipment, among other things. I have instructed my team to build a new arena next.”

The talk then drifted back into reports from military leaders about different factions and current events. Nothing that can be repeated here so my advice is if you want to find out what is discussed at these meetings is you will just have to attend one yourself… if you can.

Death Watch infiltration


As rumors of Death Watch spread like wildfire Star News always seems to arrive a day late to get any real stories, but with rumored and confirmed attacks one thing is certain.. Death Watch is once more active in the galaxy. Recently Star News received an anonymous audio message from someone claiming to be Death Watch. Maybe, maybe not, but we here at Star News are not beyond sensationalism, so we decided to print it in it’s entirety:
“This is Black Five of the Kyr’tsad forces. Had the chance to read your article today. Pretty interesting… Found a bit of Irony that Char boasts so much of security, when we had one of us standing within perfect killing distance of the queen and the New Federation council they’ve spewed up.”
“A’denla Kad, The Queen, and her lackeys seem to talk a big game, but we walked right into Keldabe and gunned that joke down right in his own office, and stood a hairs breath away from killing the woman he hides behind. Those threats are empty. They cant even protect themselves.”
“Those that stand with the false Mand’alor will be destroyed like whatever shreds of honor that office once held when in the hands of people who didnt hide behind words and politicians in the face of a challenge.”