Peace Keepers talk war

Star News decided to ask various Jedi Orders how they felt about being involved in a war.


Yavin IV -KOJ

Robin Kira, Jedi Master of the Kalway Order: “Unfortunate but a valid response. Numerous acts of aggression by the Death Watch and the Helix group has left us little choice. They are a menace and needs to be quelled. Sadly, they have left us no recourse. They have turned away every diplomatic means we have presented. We, the Jedi are defenders of the galaxy and as such there will come times in which we will have to pull our sabers and rid the galaxy of the disease which tries to take over. If peaceful solutions do not work then strong actions more times than not are what is required. To knowingly allow harm to the innocent, makes us just as guilty if we not do stop it”

Star News: ” what will yavin IV be doing to help out in the war..?”

Robin Kira: “Yavin IV will assist in what ways we can. As for the details you will need to speak with the Jedi Council. And me, I will do as the Jedi Council instructs.”

Padawan Aveta Enoch: “As Master Robin mentioned the final decisions will come from the Jedi Council, where the Force leads us, is where we shall go.”


Dantoooie -DJE

Dantooine Jedi Enclave Master Goldsy:: “Dantooine is just recovering from the Obelisk, many lives were lost , civilian and Jedi… Dantooine joined the Federation , and we support it, as all of the members do. We an not be quiet  during such a menace and will gather all efforts to help those who need”

Dantooine Jedi Master Arth Darkwatch: “Well, as Jedi we stand by our beliefs and to our allies. This Death Watch group is trying to build some terror feeling to the Federation’s systems and that will not be tolerated. War is not what Jedi look forward, but in case of attacks, DJE will stand by our allies and defend our people from any threat… Taking a position in war time is something hard. For the moment we are evaluating the whole situation for then better choose our actions.”


Onderon – IJO

Jedi Master Emilie Hicks, Grandmaster of the Iziz Jedi Order on Onderon. Jedi Vanguard to the President of the Federation Valara Drayen-Kira Queen of Onderon: “How I feel about the Federation declaring war on the Death Watch…Well I’d say Im rather pleased about that. The Death Watch is some of the worst vermin in the universe and must be stopped… What does my order plan to do? Quite simple, we hunt them down and eliminate them. As for specifics I am sure you understand I cannot divulge that information. I have been an eye witness to the disgusting crimes of the Death Watch.”

Star News: “…so personally what do you plan to do..?”

Emilie Hicks: “Kill them. Have you ever heard of the massacre of Trandosha?.. I was yet just a Padawan learner, Padawan to Grandmaster Taellinu Aich of IJO. She assigned me to travel to the Trandosha Jedi Academy and work a partnership with them, but when I arrived a man ran passed me in haste. A man dressed all in black and masked. I continued into the enclave and discovered many of its occupants had been murdered. The man I passed was Vurr Viszla one of the most dangerous of Death Watch. He had tricked the masters into training him in the ways of the force. After he learned what he wanted he killed his Masters along with many Jedi Knights and Younglings. I have spent over a decade hunting him down. We have fought each other many times but always to stalemate. The Death Watch are cowards who hide and kill innocent people for pure pleasure. I will not stop until they are all destroyed.”

Star News: “Is there any last words you would like to say to our viewers?”

Emilie Hicks: “Oh yes. Vurr Viszla if you are still out there. I will find you….and I will kill you.”


Fenel- GJO

Jedi Master Seatreader, of the Galactic Jedi Order: “I feel it was a necessary step to end the acts of terror being committed on Federation worlds. Personally I have both seen and heard stories of the acts Death watch have been committing and I hope that this can bring an end to them, one way or another… We are Jedi – our duty is to preserve peace throughout the galaxy. We stand by ready to assist the Federation when they call upon us and are ready to defend our own system from invasion.”

Star News: “what you plan to do individually during the war?”

SeaTreader: “I am not the kind of leader that would stand by while I put those who follow me in harms way. I was elected to lead this Order, and as such, I will be right beside them, preserving the peace we all fight for.”



New Jedi Order Master Marsh Solo:  “I can tell you not just the New Jedi Order but all Jedi do not like the sound of war no mater who or what the group is, it could be sith, death watch, mando… whatever but as far the njo we don’t like any short of war that might cause lots of death”

Star News: ” What will NJO be doing during the war?”

Marsh Solo: “what any jedi order will do we will fight in this war when the time comes. right now have order the new jedi order to be on the look out for any death watch members and not to walk our grounds alone. Our healers will be ready for healing jobs that may come long when the time comes… if i must fight then i will be but would rather use my words to fight my battles not my sabers.”

Star News: “…anything you wish to say before I go?”

Marsh Solo: “There is one thing I would like to say is to death watch. Give up this fight my friends please lets all sit down and work out are differences so no blood shall be shed. I do not want to see any one get hurt in this needless battle.”


Syndicate offers ulimatum to Cartel


As the interaction between the Hutt Syndicate and the Hutt Cartel heats up.. Star News traveled to LME to talk with the Hutt Syndicate about last weeks Hutt Night, bounties placed on the Syndicate by the Cartel and rumors of a connection to Pinks club on Totooine.

Star News:  “what are your thought on the cartel they their bounty on your head….what do you say to this, in your own opinion?”

Capt Wind: “as many of us see in here on tatooine, they are just a small group of thugs that need to bounty those they are scarred of. Unlike the Hutt Cartel the Hutt Syndicate don’t have to hire out men for there problems as we are plenty large enough. we have our own small army and we can handle everything internally unlike the hutt cartel…if the hutt cartel had brains they would try and offer us an alliance then be crushed by us as enemies again shows how childish they are… just the other day zob here fought and pushed back not 2 but three bounty hunters that alone shows how unprepared these so called bounty hunter really are if just one of our men can handle them… we have a lot more then one good fighter among us.”

Star News: “so, you are saying..?”

Capt Wind: “smart leaders ally themselves with other strong leaders no matter the cost. as we have seen they just send lackies at us and we drop them and laugh… I’m sure these so called bounties they have will vanish as they don’t have the know how to collect on any of them… again it shows what a bunch of morons they are. I have spoken to several established Hutt Clans that all say the hutt cartel are just a bunch of children hutts they not true hutts.”

Star News: “…Pinks place…..what are your thought on the imperials shutting it down, do you believe the cartel is behind it?”

Capt Wind: “the imps on tat are all in on it they getting paid behind the scenes… but no way is the cartel smart enough to pay off the imps because they are  a bunch of morons. I’m sure the imps were looking for an easy target last night but they found a business owner that wasn’t gonna get walked on so there was a fight. all I know is the imps are all liars and thieves here in this city. Pink was right to fight back… the good people of tat joined into the fight is what I heard… they need a thank you card not jail time. If id been here id of helped her as well against the injustice of the troopers trying to take advantage of that poor girl.”

Star News: “…anything you would like to add?”

Capt Wind: “yes, Im drawing a line in the sand if the cartel is a true power house they will accept our challenged. we wait for a time and a place in the judland wastes as we will crush them. this is an all out challenge of war to the hutt cartel. I warn them if they accept this as we all know they won’t as they are the chump cartel… we will fight them to the end, again a line has been drawn all of the galaxy awaits there answer.”

ISO Raids Pinks


Earlier this week local authorities on Little Tatooine raided the well known night club in downtown Mos Eisley known as Pinks. The owner became flippant with the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and blaster fire and a battle soon erupted between the ISO and several of Pinks patrons leaving many people injured and the club at an almost complete loss.

The ISO quickly over came the small uprising and Pink was fined. At this time Star News is unsure who will be held liable for damages to the club and the reason for the raid are still unknown. Word on the street is that it was either due to the serving of controlled substances to the public or Pink’s unconfirmed rumors that she is working with the Hutt Syndicate… a rumor she strongly denies.

Jedi Master Richi Haven R.I.P


The reports have been flooding Star News and authenticated by local authorities on Korriban that indeed, Jedi Master Richi Haven has been killed in what is confirmed to have been a battle with lightsabers. His duel bladed lightsaber was found cut in half close to where his severed head was discovered. Both cuts have been confirmed to have been made by a lightsaber and the corpse exhibited signs of a struggle.

As to who or why Richi Haven was murdered is still mystery, all Star News can report for sure is that the one time Dantooine Jedi Master, husband and father of one is no longer with us in the galaxy.

Richi leaves behind a daughter and a wife.

GAR sets up base on Ando Prime


Ando Prime, a once almost derelict ice and snow covered world becomes the first front line in the Galactic War as two sides fight for dominance in the galaxy. What was once a white and barren world is now home to blood shed and violence. GAR has dug in and established a base on Ando Prime now and that is where Star News caught up with them just in time to witness the return of Sergeant Spitfire to the war.

Staff Sergeant P-8410 “Rush”: “Ando Prime’s a war zone, that’s all you need to know. I seen you guys watch our invasion. How the hell do you get cameras here? …if you’re going to be running around keep a hard hat on. Enemy artillery has been bad lately.”

Star News: “I won’t be staying here long.. can you give me a quick update into the war effort..”

Staff Sergeant P-8410 “Rush” nods, “Anything that isn’t classified. The Federation’s successfully landed troops on Ando Prime. Mostly us GAR, but a good sized chunk are IJO/VO and GJO. KOJ’s in reserves, but we’ve seen some Kalaway give the enemy some hell in the past few days. We’re dug in due to some intense blizzards and have had to adapt our armor to new cold weather gear because we’ve lost troopers to hypothermia already.. The enemy is dug in tight, but we’ll get em.”

Mumbling from the back of the room and only when the shelling of the base had slowed down long enough for my ears to quit ringing I could hear a voice… “Maverick..?… Y-you know… they didn’t really…. feed me. A Death Watch…. guy… gave me a… kriffing bantha steak before… I was…. busted out of.. their base. Can I get.. somethin’ like… that again sir?” The trooper most certainly looks worse for wear and where his leg should be was a stump with some cybernetic looking interfaces hanging out the bottom.. also looking damaged .. the man says… “Being taken pri… prisoner… isn’t… easy. They steal your osik… I was… t-there… three… days… Okay? Geez…”

Being taken pri… prisoner… isn’t… easy. They steal your osik.” He shot back, pulling the blanket tighter around himself. “I was… t-there… three… days… Okay? Geez…”

Star News: “This is Spitfire?… how do you guys spring him? can he tell talk?”

Staff Sergeant P-8410 “Rush”: “We were engaging the enemy and had to pull back. It was a stalemate, neither force could gain ground. Infantry on both sides were just stuck in a draw and once we pulled back poor Spitfire here must have gotten taken POW. We just recovered him just walking in the snow, he claims he got out.”

Sergeant Z-5313 “Spitfire”: “Chased a… Sith down… who was trying to… follow my Troopers. Couldn’t have that. Shot her knee to Hell… she got the better of me…” then he seemed to mumble some more… “…other prisoner has the shiv I made… out of… the housing of my cybernetic. Gunna need a new one.. Yeah.”

A’denla Corproral Soren stood over the severely injured and frostbitten Spitfire… “Sarge I’m gonna need you to conserve your energy and stop talking.. You need to focus on warming up so that i can operate and get you into the bacta tank to continue healing….”

The shelling of the base continued as lights flickered, the building shook and sediment fell from rafters overhead making a not so sterile environment.. but this is war, and war is always dirty.

Marsh Solo talks raid and war


Star News caught up with Jedi Master Marsh Solo who was with GAR when they invaded Ando Prime to find out a few more details of the incursion.

Marsh solo comment of the event that happen at Ando prime

Star News: “….can you explain the reason behind why you attacked?”

Marsh Solo: “As you already know death watch/death Stalkers attack lot of the Federation’s worlds already. most of GAR and the Jedi Orders were getting tired of the attacks coming to us so we had no other choice to take that attacks to them. That is the main reason we had to make the next move”

Star News: “….what do you think of Spitfire being captured by them?”

Marsh Solo  “…As far Spitfire being capture by them it will take some time to talk to the death watch members  in peace talks to get him released back to GAR. That’s if Death watch is willing to sit down at a table and talk with with someone.”

Master Marsh Solo  “…Please keep the the faith in your hearts that this war will stop between the GFFR and Death Watch. I know most of you are worried sick that we are all going to die from it but the Force is on are side and guiding use to the win… do no not worry… this will be all over soon…”