the Galactic Federation and rumors

Onderon… Home of the Galactic Federation, on this night a buzz seemed to permeate the air like a million fireflies.. impossible to ignore. But the real buzz was inside behind closed doors watched over by a large garrison of GAR troopers. Star News can only assume that this meeting and the huge amount of people gathered on the streets has something to do with rumors Star News has been hearing all week but are not at liberty to discuss via the orders of the Federation itself. None the less Star News was out front of the Fed HQ to try to get more info that is printable and maybe an interview with the President or Vice President of the Federation. The meeting dragged on for half the night and into the early am hours and finally when the delegates exited the building you could almost feel the tension in the air… Star News approached the President…

Star News: “Madam President.. a moment of your time please?”

Federation President Valara Drayen-Kira: “Now is not a good time.” she replied motioning for Vice President Praxis…

Star News: “So that is a no comment then.. Mr Vice President?”

Federation Vice President Levineff Praxis: “Sorry..”

With all the rumors floating around for sure something big is up with the Federation, but what is the question and how will it affect the galaxy as a whole? Stay tuned to learn more as Star News follows this story.


Clan Imari hosts non-lethal arena battles

Artus Prime.. barren rocky world where left over acid from the Empire pollutes the soil and burns the children into men, strong hard men like the soil they tread on and small meteors rain to the ground from an orange unrelenting sky. It is here Ithoros Imari and clan Imari make their home, and also where they have set up a non-lethal arena tournament that has been quit popular among the more war like factions of the galaxy, a few lone warriors and many many gamblers. Star News traveled to this harsh environment to chat with the organizer of the event and see what the future holds.

Ithoros Imari: “…most of the old borders were recycled sorry to say. As you can see we’ve expanded our little encampment a small ways, even finished construction of a new, larger arena and are taking to getting larger prefabs dropped in from our manufacturing hotspots. We’re hosting another event, coming up soon in a few days, same time as the last one. Sunday, around midday.”

Ithoros Imari “We had such an interesting turnout of attendants from some of Clan Imari, GAR, and the ISM. All were enjoying the spars that went on rather quick. Needless to say there was some betting and gambling, as well as plenty of fun. Seemed only fitting to make the arena events to become repeating throughout the weeks.”

Star News: “Have you considered working with Nasirii Entertainment on this?”

Ithoros Imari: “To be honest I’ve not heard of that name or company until you just mentioned it. If it was in your news broadcast I seldom read it. My time expanding our encampment on Artus is taking most of my attention and time. Not to mention making sure the harvests from the underground cave systems remain steady.”

Star News: “What kind of prizes do you offer for the top winner?”

Ithoros Imari: “It varies really. We haven’t been able to establish ordered brackets, so for the time being until we can get a more established order of things, a grand pot prize of credits is being offered to the winner. As the events drag on, more prizes like rare weaponry, armor upgrades and even tech or gear will be offered. All the more to entice the public to attend and compete, or simply to arrive and enjoy the show, as well as place bets on their favored to win.”

the Potentium talk Haashimut

Yavin IV… the historic Jedi Academy where people come and go on a daily basis seeking a higher education , business transaction or just peace of mind. It is here that Star News ran into Master Ayiana from the Potentium, a gray Jedi from Haashimut.

Ayiana: “Our Netrality as Grey Jedi make us capable of wartime support, our fortress was the old Republics fortress around 3000bby which we have renovated and restored so that makes it useful for any and all war time operations, and finally the many trade routes in the Tion Cluster subject to pirates and bandit a well as other outlaws in the galaxy roaming free. Well we can provide a trade route jump point to and from our planet Haashimut. Other than we will be presenting our selves to the Federation asking to join. This Wednesday we are scheduled for that.”

Odominic blockades Dathomir

Dathomir… land of lush green forests and lately the center of controversy, Star News received an automated response about a Hutt blockade moving into orbit and securing the planet.. a blockade so tight Star News had to go through a rigorous check point.

Anda Anjiliac: “”Im glad we could meet here and not off in the bootana hutta, it is important the nightsisters story be a part of this. After recent GAR incursion onto Dathomir, The nightsisters reached out, not for help of course, but because they wished to alert others to the conditions between them and the Grand Army. Of course the hutts, being in favor of free trade, have acted on their behalf and in their interests, indeed in the interest of the galaxy by ensuring the safety and neutrality of the trade lanes across Dathomirian space”

Star News: “…High Mother.. a few questions if I may? …we all know about what happened with GAR and Nightbrother here… I guess this is your solution? Turn to the Cartel?”

This question caused a stir and both Anda Anjilic as well as Nightsister and Clan Elder Aria commented…

Anda  Anjiliac: “I would not presume to speak for the night mother but they have not “turned to the hutts” this is not a mercenary contract or something of that nature. The hutts interest lies in open trade and the freedom of sovereign systems from the rule of tyrannical imperialism”

Clan Elder Aria: “The Hutts are merely protecting the interests of free trade, which benefits all. The lanes around the planet have become contested, and the politics and words running in circles.”

High Mother Kainel: “The only regret I have about the Nightbrother was that he perished before I could get my hands on the bastard. That was never the issue here. The issue was seeking our home as a federation planet unwelcomed and claiming the space for themselves. Which has been resolved. The Hutts own the lanes above Dathomir and no garrison will ever form on it’s surface.”

Star News: “…you wished to stay neutral.. but now you are drawing a line, are you worried it will be seen as a challenge to other factions…”

High Mother Kainel: “Anyone attacking will be just that… an attack on a sovereign planet, murdering indigenous peoples. Let them come and see what is in store for them.”

Clan Elder Aria: “Dathomir is a free planet. Our space above is occupied. This is in response to pressures and comments from both sides. Sometimes it it like feeling we are being squeezed…”

Anda Anjiliac: “quite so, there is no line drawn other than to reinforce the sovereignty of Dathomir, and its freedom from those who would seek to claim it as theirs. The Grand Army themselves cited concerns over the trade lanes remaining open for trade between Dantooine and Yavin. The hutts will see to it that the trade lanes are open. We will also consequently ensure that Dathomir is safe from military incursion.”

Star News: “…is this the actions of Anjiliac or the Cartel?”

Anda Anjiliac: “the command of the second hutt defense fleet is the responsibility of Issulla Odominic of the Wise of the Odominic clan, the cartel was not consulted on this manner, it was the action of free and sovereign citizens. Not the action of a governmental body. To say it is the action of the cartel, of myself, or even of Issulla alone, would be incorrect. As I said it is the action of free and sovereign citizens. That is all… it was not the actions of the cartel, and it was not at the behest of the nightsisters, they are merely our gracious hosts.”

Star News: “…why turn to Anjiliac or Odominic for protection and not try to rectify problems diplomatically?”

High Mother Kainel: “We’ve not turned to anyone, Dathomir will always care for itself with the power of the spirits and the Web of Life. If anyone attempts to set down on this planet the clans will fend them off. I cannot make that any clearer.”

Anda Anjiliac: “The issue has been addressed diplomatically, repeatedly, by myself and by mother Kainel, I have spoken with the federation repeatedly about the dangers of continued militant expansion by the Grand Army, my words have gone unheeded, I warned them of the occurrence on Anchorhead, I will not stand idly by and watch Dathomir trampled under foot by the Grand Army, if the federation can not bring them to heel, it is up to the citizens of the galaxy to protect their freedom… and as Mother Kainel has stated, the Nightsisters did not “turn to” the hutts as if they were beaten animals seeking shelter, the hutts have taken this course of action to secure the trade lanes and assist where we saw further Grand Army incursions. we are here with the permission of the nightsisters as guests in the space of Dathomir, we are not a hired force or occupying military.”

Anda Anjiliac: “I believe I speak for many citizens of the Galaxy, including certain voices in the federation when I say that we will not tolerate a military force run rampant across the galaxy. We will defend the sovereignty of independent systems”

High Mother Kainel: “The sisterhood has no need for these trade lanes, as you can see we are not oned to live with technology, we do not have a fleet, it is why the orbit is the Hutts. the planet belongs to us.”

Nasirii entertainment prepares to conquer the sports field

LME Tatooine, where skin cancer is more common then finding spare credits on the street under the slow cookery known as the binary suns. It was here in the hotel that a historic agreement was made between the honorable Belutric Nasirii and Star News / X Play owner and founder Kaelee One to once more bring highly publicized public events such as desert pod races, the Galactic Swoop Cup, Fight Night and Miss Galaxy back into the fold. Nasirii Entertainment will take the lead spot while X Play will take a much lower back seat position. Anyone wishing to work with Nasirii Entertainment to promote public events should contact either Belutric Nasirii or Kaelee One. Star News will keep you posted as developments occur.

Fed Vice President Levineff Praxis address

Onderon.. where the Federation Vice President Leiveff Praxis hangs his cloak. In light of the recent conspiracy theories Star News decided to travel to the Federations home world and chat with the Vice President about his group.. the Vindicate Order as well as the recent rumors.

Star News: “.. so.. lets start with an introduction of you and your Enclave.. sound good?”

Levineff Praxis: The old man chuckles “Well we’re not much of an Enclave or an Order anymore despite the name…we have come to call ourselves a Guild nowadays. We are the Vindicate Order… The Vindicate used to be an Order of Gray Jedi that I formed on New Alderaan, it has been going for awhile but has had many problems in the past due to many not accepting our Gray path. And over time we became less and less of Jedi and soon it just became unbearable. So…I denounced us an order and we became a Guild where force sensitives of all faiths can gather and join under our banner and become more than just Jedi…but warriors… Our Guild, the Vindicate Order, is in need of recruits and able warriors…if you wish to seek us out…we are here in the city of Iziz on Onderon”

Star News: “How have the other Jedi enclaves reacted to your evolution?”

Levineff Praxis: “I would not call it an evolution, that makes it sound as tho we are better than the Traditional Jedi…we are not. We are not an evolution…we are just those who see things in a much different way. I respect the Traditionalists views and how they see the potential for peace….and I wish I could think that way. But I see this galaxy much differently…and I do not like what I see. And that is what this Guild is for…to bring out the force sensitives of this galaxy who have the strength to set aside the peaceful ways of Tradition…and take this galaxy for what it is. A place of darkness, murder, and crime… But of course that does not mean we do not see the great and powerful lights that are spread out throughout…for we see them quite well…and we respect and honor their ways. The Traditional Jedi are this Galaxies Shield, and they have done so well….but it is time to place a sword beside that shield…and I wish this Guild to be that sword”

Star News: “… is there a conflict of interest in being the vice president of a huge galactic federation that almost inclusively allows Jedi .. uh.. for lack of better word.. controlled planets?”

Levineff Praxis: “Well there will always be conflict of interest for there is always the free individual minds of the people. Of course the Congressional Senate does disagree with each other on many things but thus is the nature of individual minds. Yes, it does become harsh at times but a middle ground is always found”

Star News:  “…the recent article ‘Conspiracy Theory Spreads’ in Star News… Can you comment on the accusations..?”

Levineff Praxis: “Yes, well…I cannot really go into detail…but I can tell you that the accusations of the Federation attempting to muscle our way onto Dathomir is completely false. And that all of this is being taken into investigation… I can assure you that the GAR has no such power hold on the Federations Congressional senate. They have a vote on the senate yes, but it is only one vote in a ring of many others. All I can honestly say is that the entire thing was a complete misunderstanding. The death of that nightbrother is yes of course unfortunate…but it was handled by the Nightmother herself and her people…who myself and our President have spoken to personally on the matter”