Open class speeder races prepare to tear up LME

LME… home of the to the famous Jundland Wastes and most challenging speeder bike track in the galaxy. Race through the sandy canyons at blazing speeds in Nasirii Entertainment’s Desert Run. Open class means bring your own speeder, built, bought or borrowed ( plus we don’t check on stolen speeders ) Hosted by Star News with prizes provided by Stargazer Creations.

Friday August 29th 7pm slt LME


Hutt Night Artus Prime

Artus Prime… a world once mined for crystals now a barren rocky land of sprawling nothingness and bottomless pits fill with certain death… this was the next stop on the Hutt tour. It was here that the Cartel held Hutt Night. This night on stage was Bareesh brother extrodinare Rolga Bareesh, along with the angelic Anda Anjiliac and some newcomer Hutt from the Anjiliac clan. Joining them on stage were henchlings Anjiliac Majordomo Emily and Bareesh affliate Minx Bade who got the show started…


Elwyn Phoenix: “Thank you rolga i shall only be a moment. first i’d like to thank you for your tip. Last we spoke you helped me find something and found it i did and have joined it faithfully. this time i seek something else…This matter However. i’d prefer a privite meeting on. Reason is such content to be discussed might be harmful to the wrong party if spoken in the open”

Rolga Bareesh: “chuba boga putta tana gopah kilin magok kox be nami je uni gona gona, goora be kon kon nallya so mwa boga”

Which then Captain Phoenix stepped closer and whispered something to Rolga Star News couldn’t hear… but a meeting appears to have been arranged later for the Captain to bring his business before the Hutt Cartel in private.

Anda Angiliac: “…the cartel council would like to issue a statement regarding recent events…It has come to the attention of the cartel that there has been a recent violent attack on dignitaries of the federation. We also understand that the perpetrator of these attacks has been taken into custody. We would like to state for inquiring minds that we have no knowledge of these events, and indeed would appreciate if the federation were to cooperate with other civil peoples and divulge information regarding the identity of this brazen attacker. Any organization or individual brash enough to attack the federation directly in such a manner is a threat to all peaceful people. The Cartel Council will not stand for this manner of anarchy.”

Of course this prompted Jesma Pearl.. the Galactic Federations liasion to the Hutts to ask for audience and when she was allowed to speak…

Jesma Pearl: “Greetings great ones. The Galactic Federation of Free Republics thanks the Hutt Cartel for their concern. I will take your request to know the name of the perpetrator to the Federation and express my own belief that it would be beneficial for you to be informed, if we’re able to learn it. It will be up to the various delegations, but I will let them know of your desire and concern.”

Anda Anjiliac: “jeejee tulamos-ando jejeska boska… jeejee hagwa suddamos-ando kickeong ateema”

Emily: “Lady Anda says we have begun our own search, We have not learned anything at this time.”

Jesma Pearl: “The serious concern your eminences give this matter greatly honors us.”

Anda Anjiliac: “It is in the best interest of all civilized people to not allow this type of brazen attack to go without reprimand and justice. Was there anything else you had to say to us Ambassador?”

Jesma Pearl: “Not at this time, thank you your greatness.” and she departed back into the crowd…

Anda Anjiliac: “I will take a moment to introduce my cousin, Lord Juura of Anjiliac, I spoke of him last week and he has seen fit to grace us this evening. He is an honored guest. I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of Clan Imari and their Alor Ithoros Imari. Their hospitality has been quite well received. I would like to remind everyone that tomorrow afternoon they are holding their weekly combat tournament once again here on Artus Prime, I myself will be staying on planet for the event tomorrow.”

and from the crowd Ithoros Imari: “Your words grace us with credit we are hardly deserving of, Madam Anda. We are happy to receive those who are willing to respect our neutrality, as well as even grace us with visits. I look forward to your presence at the tournament tomorrow.”

Then Star News editor Kaelee One spoke up, asking for permission to speak she made her way up in front of the Hutts… “To endorse Clan Imari’s fights..  I challenge the whole Cartel.. or whoever dares to show.. for a day of betting. I will go bet for bet with anything the Cartel dares to risk losing at tomorrows fights on Artus prime.”

There was some discussion among the Hutts but in the end no reporters were killed or maimed and Anda agreed to the wager while Rolga said he would consider it.

And with that another Hutt Night came to an end.

Artus Prime still fights on

Artus Prime… a land of mine crabs and left over barrels of acidic death from the time of Empire occupation… and once more home to Clan Imari’s weekly non-lethal fights. This week we saw a switch up in the action as many new faces took to the arena while in the observation deck above a show down of a different kind occured as Anda Anjiliac and Kaelee One locked nerves in a friendly wager.

Ithoros Imari: “Alright, let’s get things started. Welcome yet again, faces old, and faces new. Welcome, to the 5th round of the Imari annual tournament events here on Artus Prime. As usual, non-lethal fights are the standard, and any and all are welcome to partake, or observe and gamble. This week’s top prizes, a Secoya 8.45 caliber pulse rifle. Ketra says it’s one deadly weapon, but the ammuntion to aquire for it is rather tricky. She said it was made for ‘Sabot’ rounds… which… for those unfamiliar with the round, it’s an anti-vehicle armor round that melts through the armor upon impact. The next, twin pistols, given to us from Akaan’s forges. Revolver class, large caliber twin pistols offer a variety of ranges and uses for the ammunition types, which vary and are far easier to aquire in most cases.”

and about the duel pistols added to an onlooker… “You won’t ever find makes like these in any run of the mill stores friend. All weapons made for the tournament events are custom made with their own unique features and abilities. Which makes them rather desirable than anything you’ll find that’s in high stock.”

…And with that the fights began. The rules are simple… two people enter and beat up on each other until one some how yields. This week we saw some classic and exciting matches as last weeks champion, Cobalt Vercopaanir Oyayc, returned to try her hand at the prizes. Another fiesty contestant was Sarad Vendet going toe to toe with often bigger opponents but coming out on top in most fights… also fighting was Elwyn Phoenix who had an amazing run of determination and skills, Jesma Pearl tried her hand once or twice and members of the ISM were also spotted in the arena but when it was all said and done there can only be one winner… and the prize went to Horus who fought the longest and was also the last man standing.

Bella Vistal survivor talks

Dathomir.. tranqual world in the web of life… it was here that Star News met up with the only known survivor of the recent attack and carpet bombing of Bella Vistal Corellia… Horus Te Tra’Galaar who informed us that things did not quiet happen the way people think…

Horus: “I’ll start off where the Imp and Sith decided to leave off… At first i was just suppose to be.. Security one might say for the enclave, a favor of sorts for the Jedi who was runnin’ the place…  But after all the back and forth… between the Jedi and the ISM i became the default sort of “guardian of the enclave” since the heeby jeeby religious types were busy with they’re recruits an such… Anyway, what happened the day of the bombing of the enclave itself was nothing more then a show of force on empty buildings”

Horus: “The Jedi were long gone, they grabbed the first transport off world and i was left to face down a squad of Troopers by myself! Of course it was a setup… maybe not intentional but still… they left me to die and went to find some kinda safety on a whole other planet, its in the nature of Jedi to do such… but i do know one thing… those damn Imps are prancing around with badges they did not earn… there were no Jedi within a light year that I had any knowledge of and none that assisted me in the fight, yeah sure…the Dantooine enclave came in and dragged my half dead body back to they’re little hidey hole but i owe them nothing…better to have died there in full combat gear then to have been nursed to health by insufferable Jedi hypocrites…”

Star News: “So what next..?”

Horus: “there are a bunch of Imps prancing around in badges they didn’t earn…. for killing something that was never there to begin with…, I want blood, I want those medals…I want that droid DEAD! I will have those medals… they will become my newest trophies.”

assassination attempt at the Galactic Fed meeting

Dantooine… historic grassland planet where once legendary Jedi Mace Windu won a high profile battle against the droid army and their experimental seismic tank. It is here the Galactic Federation decided to meet this week and discuss politics. Outside the Federal building on Dantooine that night seemed quiet, and a surprising lack of guards. The meeting drug on for hours literally and as it broke up a few represenitives started to file out.. Star News recognized Federation member and Yavin IV rep Jesma Pearl… but as the interview got started… violence broke out…

Star News: “Evening Jesma, Can you tell Star News anything about what was discussed inside?”

Jesma Pearl: “I can tell you a little. We’ve begun work on ensuring past wrongs are not repeated, past misunderstandings might be avoided in the future, a lot of talks of some adjustments to be made for the future.”

Star News: “Are you referring to Downz’s reformation propositions?”

Jesma Pearl: “Mediator Downz will not be the sole author of any changes made. All of the delegations have had a lot of input.”

Star News: “Were there any ratifications or changes made to the GF Constitution tonight? and what changes have been proposed so far?

Jesma Pearl: “No ratifications occurred tonight, no. The issue of secrecy versus public is one of the matters that is going to be discussed in future meetings, but I’m afraid it is lower on the list of issues to discuss. It is on the list, however, as it’s been brought up by many..”

…It was then that we heard a sound and Jesma noticed a shot from a nearby rooftop hit the ground by her feet “What the…?” she exclaimed.. but it was obvious that there was a sniper nearby taking shots at the delegates. While the crowd quickly took cover.. KOJ Jedi Master Atlantis and DJE Jedi Master Golds’Hark sprung into action taking to the roof tops where they tracked down the would be assassin and a fierce battle ensued as one man took on two Jedi with every weapon you can imagine. And what an epic battle it was… but in the end the lone gunman was subdued and taken into custody by DJE Jedi Master Fhiora Firecaster.

Star News did get to ask a quick question before the man was taken away in handcuffs by the DJE… “why did you do it?”

Unknown assassin: “I was hired and that is all I am going to say.” he looks towards the rest of the Jedi “That is all that I will say on the matter. A job is a job, although this one was a little kriffed up because I wasn’t given the full detail of this damn planet.”

The man was then taken away.. Star News will keep you posted on developments as they happen.

GFdant1   GFDant2

Chatting with R2-D7

Byss, where being a man doesn’t always mean you are human. Star News traveled to the ISM stronghold on the magma world to talk to R2-D7, a hot little droid who has been burning up the scenes recently. What follows is as best as we could translated from the droid language.

R2-D7: D7 = ‘Ready to answer questions! // Some information = Classified!’

Star News: “Well.. first could you tell us who you are.. and what you do for the ISM?”

R2-D7: ‘D7 = ‘R2 Series Astromech Droid + Classified Upgrades // Duties = Data Recording + Infiltration + Sabotage + Terminating Enemies of The Empire!’

Star News: “Speaking of termination of enemies.. can you please explain about your fighting technique.. what makes it so much more effective then say someone’s dad’s D2 unit?”

R2-D7: ‘D7 = Very experienced! // Memory Wipes = Detrimental + Limiting // Battle Tactics = Programmed =/= Not replacement for field experience. // Observation of fellow ISM Troopers = Essential! // D7 = Has many ways to hurt the enemies of The Empire!’

Star News: “It seems so. Can you talk about your part in the Corellian campain?”

R2-D7: ‘D7 = ISM Standard Bearer + Front Line Combatant // ISM Banner = Sharp + Deadly =/= Good tool for puncturing renegade Jedi! // D7 = Logistics + Reconnaissance expert. // Enhanced Scanner Suite = Jedi cannot escape Imperial justice!’

Star News: “You seem pretty loyal to the Empire… where does that come from..? do you think it is only programming?”

R2-D7: ‘D7 = Was not always a member of ISM. // ISM = Assist D7 when found damaged at Byss Shuttleport. // Memory units regarding D7’s former owner = Lost. // Trooper NMD 0815 found D7 + Repaired this unit! // Gratitude = Eternal!’

Star News: “…are you planning on moving up rank and maybe someday… maybe General D7?”

R2-D7: “D7 = Asset.// No rank = Assigned + Desired // D7 = Loves ISM and The Empire! // D7 = Only requires oil baths + recharging station to carry out this units duties. // D7 = Recommend Nobody Trails this unit. // Termination of unknown stalkers = Assured!”

Star News: “Any final words?”

R2-D7: ‘Emperor = D7’s favorite organic. // ISM = Growing stronger every day. // Jedi + Enemies of The Empire = Short lived! // Surrender + Submission = Highly recommended…’

Artus Prime fights on

Artus Prime… cavernous place of peril where armor is the outer garment of choice, home of the weekly non-lethal fights presented by Clan Imari.

Ithoros Imari: “Alright then, our crowd is no doubt eager for this show to hit the road, so why don’t we begin… Welcome, to the fourth annual Imari hosted tournament here on Artus Prime. As a treat, our own Ketra Solus of Imari, donates her prize for this round. I’ll let Ketra take it from here on the weapon’s specs.”

Ketra Solus: “This is what I call a Lightsaber defense weapon…like a virbo or cortosis blade it can handle the heat of a lightsaber. But this is not a lightsaber or a virbo blade…the blade in it is all real and made out of quite a few strong metals. The blade itself can handle a lightsaber blade but the hilt, when activated, heats the blade to roughly that same temperatures as a lightsaber…and since the hilt adds actual balanced weight there is no force involved to keep the damn thing in your hands. Its nothing really special….its just basically my own take on fighting Jetii or siit… It heats up from a battery that can be easily bought or charged…but it soaks up energy pretty quickly….lasting charge when the blade is active will last about 4 to 5 hours”

Ithoros Imari: “As a bonus, Imari wishes to donate a portion of its resources….. 20 plates of ship grade durasteel plating, refined ourselves with purest quality. Remember, all fights are non-lethal, and the rounds go until all fights are no one wishes to fight anymore. All defeated are to clear the ring and sit around but you can fight as many times as you wish. Victors, stay until you defeated. Good luck everyone, and may you all fight well this round…Door’s open, let the tournaments begin.”

The fighters all brought their own unique style and there were many many good and bloody fights as people searched the arena for missing teeth and sense of pride. But in teh end there can only be one winner.. and this week it was Cobalt Vercopaanir Oyayc who took home the grand prize. Next week the non-lethal arena combat continues at high noon slt, Artis Prime.