Byss… a world of hurt for DJE and GAR

Byss.. where sometimes the turbulent lava boiling under the surface pockets up and spill out.. just like tempers as once more RavenClaw Karu accompanied by the GAR approached the foot steps of the Sith Empire.. deep in the heart of the capitol city of Kyhayal. They were met this dark evening by the Hands of the Emperor…notably Darth Infestus and Darth Sar’Rai.

RavenClaw Karu: “I need to speak to your leadership… please.” the Dantooine Jedi Master addressed the gathered Imperials…

Darth Infestus: “You can speak to me… What brings you here, Jedi”

RavenClaw Karu: “…I come here in light of your recent incursions to Dantooine. Random attacks and skirmishes have happened without provocation. I… do not know if these attacks have been orderd by you or not. But these incidences are intolerable. The reason why I am here is to say… keep you sith and troopers at bay. Your people are to keep off of Dantooine soil, or war will occur.”

Darth Infestus: “The audacity… You dare threaten us in the heart of our Empire? Ha! That is a declaration of war, if I’ve ever heard one… ‘Master’ Jedi.”

RavenClaw Karu: “Good sir… if I were to come here and declare war, I would have not have spoken a word. Troopers would be surrounding your temple and attack. I am a representative of Dantooine and have simple come to state the facts. If your … people… come on to Dantooine soil again, then there will be war. Make no mistake Good sir.. DJE is not a group of lowly monks who sit around taking kicks in the face. We are Jedi, Knights of the Living Force and we are prepared for all out war if so provoked.”

Darth Infestus: “You knew full well how we would reply to this before you came here, and you will now suffer the consequences. You will not waste our time with your pathetic, two-faced politics… Kill them!”

For a fraction of a second that seemed like eternity a hush fell over everyone and you could almost see what they were thinking manifest as a rush of adrenaline and the sound of light sabers being ignited filled the air.. followed by the sound of blaster fire and screams of people as the battle was on.. the smell of charred flesh as nearby in scurry holes rodents watched hoping for a scrap to gnaw on.. maybe a finger or liver… soon the streets ran red with fresh spilled blood.. and the the defending Sith Military rose triumphantly.

Darth Infestus: “We have heard your message, and you have felt our reply.”


Balmorra test’s systems with moch battle

Balmorra… bustling metropolis that has its own Republic under the 13th Legion which is allies to the Empress of the Fel Dynasty. The media was alerted this night to come watch military exercises. After witnessing the impressive display of raw navel power as well as other combat maneuvers Star News sat down with Director Aywin to find out more.

Star News: “…so.. any casualties?”

Director Aywin: “No there were no injuries, the weapons are set to stun, not to kill. We had an Issue with The Ganicus fire systems but its been corrected. Some one took a load of fire repellent to the face when Hannibal shot a shock round at the Ganicus”

Director Aywin: “The mock battle is a test of the systems, Its more meant to run a full range of issues to check that the systems can handle it. Thats why we invite others to take part in them as it gives you that more range of unanticipated events. If you only use your own people they follow things by how you train them and there wont be much error involved, you through some people that have now idea your training then it gives you a much broader range. Outlaws, Pirates, sith, they dont follow procedures and formations. so if you want your systems to accommodate random events then throw random people into it”

Star News: “…was there a reason for it.. like to show military might..?”

Director Aywin: “Sure you could say it demostrate the military might of the Hannibal when it blows a standard cruiser apart with out trouble but thats not why we held it. The Hannibal has an advanced AI Protocol and weapons operation system. If I want the Hannibal to operate understaffed and hold orbit while providing support for example its a great way to demonstrate that. Also we hold the Mock war during the anniversery date of when the sith coup first tried to over run the Fel Dynasty and send the galaxy into chaos. I think its a good way to remind people how close we got to another massive sith empire”

Star News: “Is this a message to the Sith Empire on Byss?”

Director Aywin: “If i send a message to them it would be to not take us lightly but im not pushing for a conflict with Byss as we currently have a non aggression pact but if anyone has learned anything from the era of the old republic is that you never underesitmate the drive of the sith. So holding exercises like this in public view is a message to those that would try and attack us and that message is ‘think twice’. If i could resolve all the issues in the galaxy with meetings and political discussions then i wouldn’t need to look like this. My body was destroyed in the Torician conflict. It was not a major battle like the voung wars but its one I wont forget. ”

Director Aywin: “I would welcome such games with other groups like GAR, Federation, The Jedi. I think it would be good practice for us all really”

mysterious death on LME

Tatooine… where binary suns beat down on firery hot sands in a delusion some people call reality. It was here that workers found the body of an unknown man dressed in local clothing. The authorities were alerted but the body still remained on the street for hours and well into the night. It is unknown whatever happened to the corpse or how it came to be laying in the streets.

Anoth enters the frey

Dantooine… home of the legendary Dantooine Jedi Enclave as well as what is rapidly becoming ground zero in what appears to be the start of a Jedi / Sith war that threatens to inhale the whole galaxy into it’s vaporizer of chaos. It was here that Star News witnessed a group from the Empire of Anoth approach DJE Jedi Master Ravenclaw Karu with an interesting proposition. From our nearby vantage point Star News was able to listen in as negotiations broke down. The Empire of Anoth came to offer military support.. only to be turned down by Dantooine… and it wasn’t long after that the insults started to fly followed by an igniting of light sabers… what will come of this is anyone’s guess.. but with Byss attacking Dantooine and now the introduction of a third known and hostile group into the mix as a wild card, this would be teh time to purchase stock in medical supplies as the new war heats up.

Boonta Eve Classic announced

Tatooine… home of the Hutt Holiday known as Bootna Eve and the Boonta Eve Classic, a series of traditional pod races, the ones said to have earned Anakin Skywalker his freedom and by doing so started the reign of Palpatine’s Empire. This year the traditional pod races will be held on LME due to the track on Mos Espa being closed due to complete distruction. The races start the first ( Thursday of October and run every Thursday at 7pm slt until the final race for the grand prizes occurs on Thursday Oct 30 ) followed by a special Boonta Eve party to be announced.

Imperial Sith Military attack Dantooine

Dantooine.. home of the DJE and currently the target of the Imperial Sith Military’s raids. We caught up with Jedi Master RavenClaw Karu for a few questions on a nearby rooftop over looking some GAR soldiers who appeared to be mulling around in the streets…

Star News: “What’s going on down there anyway..”

RavenClaw Karu: “That is just GAR, here to defend Dantooine in case of sith attacks. We uh… are very vigilant these days… we are not taking any chances. It is not a questions of ‘if’ they will come… it is a question of ‘when.”

Star News: “Pretty bold accusation. what do you have in the way of prof?”

RavenClaw Karu: “Well.. we have burnt their red welcome carpet… threatened their trooper guard… and issued demands to them… all at their doorstep. So.. I would think its going to come. I am fed up with their attacks. They have attacked us 3 times before that day. All unprovoked.. just to flex their ‘muscle’. This Jedi enclave are not a set of monks, we are Knights of the Living Force. And we will take action. They have already attacked us unprovoked 3 times when we were not ready. But we are ready now.”

And it seems that Jedi Master Karu was correct because even before we could go to press we received an anonymous commlink that contained footage of an attack on Dantooine by the Imperial Sith Military. The footage was obviously taken from a GAR toppers HUD but it’s who’s and who sent it remain unknown at this time

[ GAR HUD film footage here ]

Droids attack Yavin IV

Yavin.. a sanctuary for jedi and academy for padawans… the peaceful after noon was rocked though when a dark probe droid showed up at the steps of the Jedi Temple. It was quickly surrounded by a gaggle of KoJ Jedi.. and when one stepped too close the probe droid pulled a concealed blaster from his head and took careful aim.. causing the rest of the Jedi to step back cautiously. It appears that the probe droid was gathering information as Star News witnessed working shutters and antenna and scanners on the droid working away.. but collecting information on what and for whom?

As the padawan slowly made her way back to a safe distance.. the droid began to shake and emit a high pitched squeal. and just as one of the Jedi went to force push it it exploded sending shrapnel into at least one nearby KoJ member and perhaps wounding a few others.

This is the second such reported exploding droid incident on Yavin in the last week leaving the KoJ to wonder who is behind these mysterious attacks.