Balmorra test’s systems with moch battle

Balmorra… bustling metropolis that has its own Republic under the 13th Legion which is allies to the Empress of the Fel Dynasty. The media was alerted this night to come watch military exercises. After witnessing the impressive display of raw navel power as well as other combat maneuvers Star News sat down with Director Aywin to find out more.

Star News: “…so.. any casualties?”

Director Aywin: “No there were no injuries, the weapons are set to stun, not to kill. We had an Issue with The Ganicus fire systems but its been corrected. Some one took a load of fire repellent to the face when Hannibal shot a shock round at the Ganicus”

Director Aywin: “The mock battle is a test of the systems, Its more meant to run a full range of issues to check that the systems can handle it. Thats why we invite others to take part in them as it gives you that more range of unanticipated events. If you only use your own people they follow things by how you train them and there wont be much error involved, you through some people that have now idea your training then it gives you a much broader range. Outlaws, Pirates, sith, they dont follow procedures and formations. so if you want your systems to accommodate random events then throw random people into it”

Star News: “…was there a reason for it.. like to show military might..?”

Director Aywin: “Sure you could say it demostrate the military might of the Hannibal when it blows a standard cruiser apart with out trouble but thats not why we held it. The Hannibal has an advanced AI Protocol and weapons operation system. If I want the Hannibal to operate understaffed and hold orbit while providing support for example its a great way to demonstrate that. Also we hold the Mock war during the anniversery date of when the sith coup first tried to over run the Fel Dynasty and send the galaxy into chaos. I think its a good way to remind people how close we got to another massive sith empire”

Star News: “Is this a message to the Sith Empire on Byss?”

Director Aywin: “If i send a message to them it would be to not take us lightly but im not pushing for a conflict with Byss as we currently have a non aggression pact but if anyone has learned anything from the era of the old republic is that you never underesitmate the drive of the sith. So holding exercises like this in public view is a message to those that would try and attack us and that message is ‘think twice’. If i could resolve all the issues in the galaxy with meetings and political discussions then i wouldn’t need to look like this. My body was destroyed in the Torician conflict. It was not a major battle like the voung wars but its one I wont forget. ”

Director Aywin: “I would welcome such games with other groups like GAR, Federation, The Jedi. I think it would be good practice for us all really”