Byss… a world of hurt for DJE and GAR

Byss.. where sometimes the turbulent lava boiling under the surface pockets up and spill out.. just like tempers as once more RavenClaw Karu accompanied by the GAR approached the foot steps of the Sith Empire.. deep in the heart of the capitol city of Kyhayal. They were met this dark evening by the Hands of the Emperor…notably Darth Infestus and Darth Sar’Rai.

RavenClaw Karu: “I need to speak to your leadership… please.” the Dantooine Jedi Master addressed the gathered Imperials…

Darth Infestus: “You can speak to me… What brings you here, Jedi”

RavenClaw Karu: “…I come here in light of your recent incursions to Dantooine. Random attacks and skirmishes have happened without provocation. I… do not know if these attacks have been orderd by you or not. But these incidences are intolerable. The reason why I am here is to say… keep you sith and troopers at bay. Your people are to keep off of Dantooine soil, or war will occur.”

Darth Infestus: “The audacity… You dare threaten us in the heart of our Empire? Ha! That is a declaration of war, if I’ve ever heard one… ‘Master’ Jedi.”

RavenClaw Karu: “Good sir… if I were to come here and declare war, I would have not have spoken a word. Troopers would be surrounding your temple and attack. I am a representative of Dantooine and have simple come to state the facts. If your … people… come on to Dantooine soil again, then there will be war. Make no mistake Good sir.. DJE is not a group of lowly monks who sit around taking kicks in the face. We are Jedi, Knights of the Living Force and we are prepared for all out war if so provoked.”

Darth Infestus: “You knew full well how we would reply to this before you came here, and you will now suffer the consequences. You will not waste our time with your pathetic, two-faced politics… Kill them!”

For a fraction of a second that seemed like eternity a hush fell over everyone and you could almost see what they were thinking manifest as a rush of adrenaline and the sound of light sabers being ignited filled the air.. followed by the sound of blaster fire and screams of people as the battle was on.. the smell of charred flesh as nearby in scurry holes rodents watched hoping for a scrap to gnaw on.. maybe a finger or liver… soon the streets ran red with fresh spilled blood.. and the the defending Sith Military rose triumphantly.

Darth Infestus: “We have heard your message, and you have felt our reply.”