Ancient Huttese Ark found on planet Arbra

Balmorra, The Balmorran Republic – Rumors about a major archeological discovery by the Balmorran 13th Legion have been spreading across many civilized worlds. After following several inquiries, Star News managed to catch up with Aywin Steel, Director of the 13th Legion to inquire about the discovery. The director was kind enough to accept a request for an interview. The following is a transcript of the conversation:

Star News: “We have heard rumors that the 13th Legion found something in an archeological dig on the planet Arbra, is there any truth to this rumors?”

Director Aywin Steele: “I figured the rumors would come out eventually, Yes we found an old Hutt Cartel ship that dates back to 3200BBY, we are currently gathering more information concerning the ship but we believe it is The Ark that was lost after it left the planet Makeb.”

Star News: “Some historians say that that was just a myth, how do you know that this is, in fact, The Ark?”

Director Aywin Steele: “The Hutt database, which we were allowed to go through concerning the ship only, do show records of Toborro the Hutt making a ship on Makeb, there are also records of massive amounts of Isotope-5 being stockpiled on board. Our initial scans show the cargo hold filled with crates and the size, shape, and style of the ship do match with the sketches that have survived.”

Star News: “Which Hutt Clan assisted the 13th Legion with identifying the ship?”

Director Aywin Steele: “Tompunka the Hutt took a great personal interest in this ship which further enforced my belief. When i presented my findings to the full Hutt Cartel they all confirmed that this ship was indeed the one they were looking for. Also, Tompunka had placed a claim on the ship first, and even agreed to giving 5% of any Isotope-5 found. It even further enforces that there is no other conclusion of what ship this is, as Tompunka is a dirrect decendant to Toborro the Hutt.”

Star News: “What lead to this finding? Was there a particular reason to search for it? Or was the finding mere serendipity?”

Director Aywin Steele: “We sent probes to study the planet Arbra for possible minerals, ores, and any other resources, the planet has no detectable intelligent life nor are there any signs of such life like structures of any kind. We decided to look at the planet closer in hopes to find untapped crystal deposits or valuable minerals for the growing economic growth of Balmorra. The sensors targeted a large deposit of durasteel and other valuable minerals and sent the probes to investigate further. They found a massive ship in bad disrepair and remains of a repair outpost around it.”

Star News: “So, initially, it was a prospecting expedition, correct?”

Director Aywin Steele: “Yes, that’s correct. We send such teams out since we have been rebuilding Balmorra to the metropolis it is today. It requires a vast amount of resources and taking them all from one place heavily damages a planet, so its best to scatter it out. For example, we have mining operations on destroyed worlds like the remains of Alderaan, or the many others during the many conflicts the Galaxy has suffered. We also mine on moons and other planets like Hoth, Danar, and recently an interest in Arbra”

Star News: “Can you elaborate on what is Isotope-5?”

Director Aywin Steele: “Considering the delicate nature of this ship and what’s around it, I feel that going into the details about the Isotope-5 could lead the ignorant to try to get inside a ship with too many unknowns. We can’t find any signs of life inside the ship and the ship seems to have been abandoned, but why leave everything on site? It looks like repair work was being done before the machines where shut down and abandoned. There are just too many mysteries around it. We ask that people do not approach the area because our leading concern is that the area might be contaminated. But i will say that the Isotope-5 is a resource that could, if used right, push the Galaxy into a positive direction concerning energy.”

Star News: “Which brings me to my next question; What does this finding means to the Galaxy, the Balmorran Republic, and the Fel Empire?”

Director Aywin Steele: “I would like to hope that the finding could close the chapter of a story that haven’t ended, and that through the unified cooperation of the Galaxy, achieve a more prosperous growth for Balmorra, the Fel Empire, and hopefully the Galaxy as a whole.”

Star News: “Is there any worry that outside forces might try to steal The Ark and it’s cargo?”

Director Aywin Steele: “I have no doubt outside forces may try to steal the cargo or the ship itself, in fact im planing for it which is why we are building an outpost near the ship and have two of our cruisers in orbit of the planet.”

Star News: “Any final statements about the finding?”

Director Aywin Steele: “This finding is an important chapter in the history of the Galaxy. Any merc group that wishes to make a fair fee on assisting with security and protection is welcome to seek an audience with me concerning work. Same for engineers, we will need extra hands on this task as it is a massive task for any group to handle.”