Sith Empire and GAR find Peace at a Bar

Corellia Bay shipyard, orbiting Corellia – To our surprise, an interesting development occurred recently at the Corellia Bay Shipyards space station. One of our junior reporters was lucky enough to find himself there when a squad of Grand Army of the Republic troopers visited the station. Our reporter approached them and they claimed that they where just visiting to explore the station. After initially refusing to make any statements regarding the hostilities between them and the Sith Empire of Byss, GAR General X-8846 “Raven” mentioned that, regarding their recent ill-fated incursion on Byss: “We…simply followed Master Karu, to Byss for diplomatic actions and we were ambushed before we even got into the meeting area”.

GAR SGT A-3412 “Cutter” added: “I wasn’t there, so I cannot pass comment. All I will say is that the Grand Army will do what is necessary to defend itself and those who depend upon us for protection, though that is not anything new.”

Afterwards, the GAR troopers continued on their way inside the station.

Meanwhile, our reporter strolled into the station’s small bar where he encountered none other than General Raiden of the Sith Empire Military.

Surprised and fearing a battle emerging on the station, our reporter quickly inquired the Sith general about his presence on the station, to which he replied: “I am off duty, and the Sith Military has a little bunker here.”

Our reporter informed General Raiden about GAR being also on the station in order to avoid any possible conflict that could endanger the station, but the Sith general just shrugged it off, mentioning that a recent treaty has been signed by him and GAR generals.

Fearing the worst, our reporter took cover when the GAR troopers finally entered the bar. But to his utter amazement, what happened was far from the violence and carnage that was expected. Instead, small talk and pleasantries ensued. Perhaps a sub-level of tension might have been occurring behind the faceplates of the trooper helmets, but everyone demonstrated a superb level of restrain and civility. It almost seemed like if they where all old war buddies exchanging war stories. One of the troopers even asked the Sith general, and we quote: “So… how is Byss this time of year?”

Only one GAR trooper, Lance Corporal S-7858 “Kenny”, demonstrated any antagonism against the Sith general when he commented that he “haven’t had the opportunity to blast a new *expletive* hole into the Sith Empire”. He was immediately told to stand down by his superior officer.

It can be said that this encounter is a testament to the possibility that peace is a highly achievable goal among the different nations and factions of the Galaxy. Instead of the GAR troopers taking the opportunity to destroy a high ranking member of the Sith Empire Military, they simply exchanged pleasantries, for the most part, and then left the station.

After the encounter, our astonished reporter approached Sith General Raiden for a more in-depth explanation of what just occurred. The General simply chuckled and said that he recently meet with GAR general Raven to discuss a cease fire.

Hopefully, this will lead to a solid path for peace in the Galaxy.